Where did all the time go

Outfit Details:
Floral Dress – Material Girl
Belt – H&M
Capri Leggings – Macys

Have you ever looked back at old pictures, even ones that aren’t that old, and realized how quickly time goes by? Or glanced over a calendar, begun a countdown, or anticipated an event or a day off and then it suddenly smacks you in the face? Each day seems to drag by, the minutes feel like hours, the hours feel like days. However, each month goes so quickly, and I say to myself, wait, it’s April already?? It’s 2011 already? I’m 27 already? Where does all the time go? 

11 thoughts on “Where did all the time go”

  1. i had that epiphany the other day when i realized that this weekend, i will have been married for 6 months already — it feels like we just walked down the aisle!

  2. I love this outfit on you, your shoes are so cute. I feel like I do that all the time. I am going back to College, and walking back in it felt like I had only been gone for a few days. But, it’s been years since I was there. It was weird to walk the halls again.
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  3. Wow can I ever relate to this! As I was reading this I was looking around at the pictures of my boyfriend and I up on the wall. They are from over 2 years ago and desperately needing an update. I’m just like, “Wow, do we ever look young in those pictures” haha

    Or another example is how my girlfriend came over yesterday with her 2 month old baby girl. We talked about all the memories and were just like where did the time go?

    Every time I’m counting the hours and minutes at work I need to remind myself that it all goes by far too quickly in the grand scheme of things and that we need to make the most of every second. xoxo

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