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It’s summer. It’s really hot, humid, sometimes rainy, and the sun is really intense. That said, there are a few key essentials for summer time that make all of that worth while – aside from drinking tons of water, eating lots of tasty fruits, an spending days at the pool & beach (with sunscreen of course!!)


  • Shorts – Everyone needs a good, comfy pair of shorts. Now a-days they come in all lengths, colors, shapes & sizes, which makes picking a pair out more fun! I love these neon shorts from Old Navy. Cute, comfy, and cheap? Yes please!
  • Hats –  Aside from adding to your outfit and being a cute accessory, these babies protect your head, hair & scalp from the sun’s harmful rays. They also are fun to wear! This one is really fun, and I love the little crochet band around it. 
  • Sunglasses – Perhaps one of the most important accessories you could have during the summer. These protect your eyes, shielding them from the super bright light & UV rays that aren’t so friendly to your pretty eyes. They also work with any outfit, and can be fun to wear (depending on what you pick!). I am in love with the cat eye shape, so these Rebecca Minkoff sunnies, similar to the ones above, rock my world. Urban Outfitters also have some super cute cat eye sunglasses (here & here) that are easier on the wallet.
  • Fun necklaces – Ice cream is amazing, so how fun is it to have a little ice cream cone around your neck? I love the summer time feel this ice cream cone necklace adds, and it honestly just screams fun & happy times to me.
  • Sandals – Sandals are a must. It’s a hassel to have your feets cooped up in closed shoes, especially when it’s hot outside. These pretty pastel green sandals from ASOS are the perfect pick me up for any outfit.
  • Flowy tanks – Nothing screams comfort and keeping cool than a flowy tank. They flutter in the summer breeze, keep you cool, and add such a nice touch to any bottom. 
  • Pretty Polishes – Since summer is so hot, wearing tons of bracelets can sometimes be uncomfortable. Wearing a pretty polish in a summery color can be the perfect accessory. My absolute favorites this summer are the Essie Summer Collection. I am in love with every single color.
What are your summer essentials?

16 thoughts on “summer essentials”

  1. Kirstin Marie, I love every piece in your summer essentials collection! The shorts are adorable and so is the flowy tank! I can see myself wearing sandals like the one you featured and I am never without a pedicure in summer. I’m loving the neon trend now! :)

  2. Already purchased a color from Essie’s summer collection. Always a must. I love that tank top. I’m trying to build my collection of flowy-er shirts. Love the one you chose!

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