Shoe Challenge – 26 Pairs

I’m super excited to be taking part in Shoeper Woman’s Shoe Challenge, Year 2. I have to wear every single pair of shoes in my closet (not including work out sneakers, flip flops, and slippers) for an entire year. With each pair of shoes I have to style into an outfit and take a full outfit shot to submit. This all starts February 14th, 2011 and runs through February 14th, 2012. I am allowed to purchase shoes during the challenge, however I have to include them in my total shoe count. I can’t wait to start!!! Here is my entire shoe collection, all 24 pairs. I do have a total of 26 pairs, but two pairs are not pictured with the group, as I haven’t received them in the mail yet.

Entire Collection…24 Pairs
Boots, platforms, & wedges
Pumps, clogs & sandals
The missing two pairs not pictured:
I can’t wait to start the challenge!! For a complete list of rules and guidlines, or if you are interested in joining the challenge, please visit Shoeper Woman’s Blog. I thought I was a shoe addict, but I’m just a baby shoe addict! Some of my fellow Shoe Challenge participants have 60+ pairs of shoes! If I had the funds, the closet space, and the time to find them, I would definitely have more than 26 pairs. I can promise you that one!

17 thoughts on “Shoe Challenge – 26 Pairs”


    I like ho you aren’t afraid of purchasing doubles of the ones you love most! Those Seychelles blue suede pumps are next on my list! You and I have good shoe taste, sistah. ;-)

  2. YAY!! This sounds so much FUN!! I’m going to head over to the site right now and check it out.. HOW FUN!!! I have sooo many shoes and have some that I don’t even wear. This is a great challenge!! :)

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