Please pass the tights & faux leather, hold the heat

Outfit Details:
Faux Leather Skirt – Target
Polka dot chambray button down - Old Navy
Tights – c/o No-Nonsense
Dolce Vita Wedges – Solestruck
Belt – Target
Collar Necklace (similar) – c/o AliExpress
Bracelets – c/o Clothes Hound (similar), gift from my mom, Nine West
Ring – ebay

The past few days have been surprisingly decent in Florida. It’s been so nice to step outside my door at 6:30am and not break into a full blown sweat. You know what that means, right? Yep. Had to break out the tights! At the slightest sign of weather below 85 degrees the tights are coming out. I’m such a huge fan of them and have been waiting to wear them for what feels like forever. Notice the double collar? I was feeling rather gentlemanly with my fabulous snake skin collar necklace lying so neatly on the sea of chambray polka dots. It’s like my feminine little bow tie. I’m really starting to love the look of lady ties & collars…especially underneath other collars. It’s like double mint gum – double the fun! (que twins riding a double bicycle waving & smiling)

Fellow blogger gal pal Daniella, along with two other lovely ladies, Flor de Maria & Ashes into Fashion, are holding this awesome challenge. The current challenge up is to wear leather (be it faux or authentic). I got super excited when I discovered this challenge, since I had just snatched up this amazing skirt from Target. Check out Daniella’s blog for the other submissions!

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20 thoughts on “Please pass the tights & faux leather, hold the heat”

  1. omg you’re too funny. “I was feeling rather gentlemanly” haha. I love that first pic! It really is such a cute collar and a super fun skirt!

  2. You look marvelous! I love this unique collared necklace, it’s just so glamorous.

    It’s funny how a difference of climate can change the idea of when tights can be worn – I usually wait until it hits 50 degrees. I can’t even imagine wearing them when it’s 80+ outside. lol

  3. Got my skirt in the mail today! I’m excited to wear it wee! I’ve been layering collars on collars like it’s my job. It’s funny I was obsessed and then now I never touch my collars and I have a drawer full of them.

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