New found love

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Outfit Details:
Dress – Forever 21
Jacket – INC (old)
Melie Bianco Joanna Red Handbag – c/o
Ring – Rachel Roy
Pyramid Bracelets – Forever 21
Circle Bracelet – Nine West 
Belt – Target
Vintage Locket – Georgia Peach Vintage
Nail polish – Julep’s Helena
After almost a solid two weeks my knees are finally getting back to normal. Thank goodness!! Over extended tendons really aren’t fun. Lots of stretching, minimal bending, & sporting supportive athletic sneakers for the past two weeks seemed to do the trick. However, seeing that athletic sneakers wouldn’t compliment this dress well, these flatforms worked out perfectly. They are my first pair ever, and after spending an evening in them, I can tell you they are so much fun! Aside from the awesome vibrant colors, they are super light weight and well padded. Never in a million years did I think I would own or wear a pair of flatforms, but I wanted to give myself a challenge. I love challenges, change and trying to work random pieces into my wardrobe. These are so completely opposite of anything I currently own, which is what ultimately made my decision. Not all challenges and changes are for the better, but I definitely have a new found love of flatforms!!

33 thoughts on “New found love”

  1. i love the nautical feel i get from your outfit! makes me want to be somewhere warm! :) those shoes are so rad, i’ve been looking for some platforms! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!XO

  2. This is such a cute look, and I especially love the bag.

    You are making me think differently about flatforms because I’ve been experiencing some annoying pain in my right ankle, and I think it’s due to high heels. I’ve been switching out my heels for ballet flats at work to make the pain go away…but who knows…maybe i’ll find a pair of flatforms I like.

    but seriously…give me your bag and your bracelets! :)

  3. I love Lulus! The night lighting is beautiful for these photos. I try to take a rest from high-heels every now and then to bring out my flats! I love the vibrant colours in your outfit. That handbag is my absolute favourite!

  4. You look so amazing! I just love all the pops of colours in this outfit. So much fun! Hey thanx for dropping by my blog and leaving such sweet comment. I’m glad you like my mickey mouse outfit!

    Fang Ting

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