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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen this picture I shared a few weeks ago. The amazing folks over at Maidenform sent me some pretty little presents to try out and choose my favorites. They sent me three bras, and three pieces of shape wear to put to the test. Being a curvy gal, the right kind of  undergarment can make or break an outfit. I have to say, not a single one of these pieces let me down. They fit like a dream, are incredibly comfortable (how often do you say that about a bra or shape wear??), and made me look & feel sexy. Out of all six items, I have to say that the bras are my favorite items. They are very quickly taking over as my favorites, a coveted spot that has belonged to the VS Cotton Push-up for so many years. Let’s talk about each bra – just so you can see how pretty & functional they are.

First up is my new favorite push-up, the Maidenform 90th Anniversary custom lift bra. It’s constructed so well – sturdy and supportive in all the right places, with beautiful touches of satin & lace. The shaping this bra provides is amazing. It’s by far my number one choice. Want to see more? Check out all of the goodies available in the Maidenform 90th Anniversary Collection. It’s a super sexy and ultra feminine collection. I love the Lace Half Slip with the garter straps I tried out – it’s got a wonderful vintage vibe to it!

Next up is the super comfy Maidenform Sensual Shapes T-Shirt Bra. I’ve never owned an actual “t-shirt bra”, but man am I glad to have this beauty! It’s so comfortable, has great shaping & support, and it completely disappears underneath a t-shirt. The band is really soft and stretchy, which is something I look for when wearing a bra. All day comfort is a must! Plus, it comes in so many great colors. There are also some fabulous shape wear, including the Hi-Waist Brief I tried out, in the Maidenform Sensual Shapes Collection.

Last, but definitely not least, is the must-have Maidenform Comfort Devotion Seamless Wirefree Foam Bra. If underwire is not something you are into, you have got to check this beauty out. It’s so soft, so comfortable – it’s a dream to wear. It even conceals and fixes any dreaded back fat, which makes this bra heaven sent. I have never been able to find a flattering, wire free bra. Ever. When I tried this bra on I was literally shocked at how perfect it was, especially for a wire free bra. Support, shape, comfort, and style all in one pretty package. If you are searching for maximum comfort, you have got to check out the Maidenform Comfort Devotion Collection. You will even find these fantastic Thigh Slimmer’s that I tried out – definitely worth the while.

Overall I am so pleased with each piece I received, and have two things to say – Thank you Maidenform, so much for sending these beauties my way, and Happy 90th Anniversary!!

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  1. Lyosha says:

    how useful! so sad they don’t make seamless bras in size 30C. thanks for the review – it sounds very useful!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. Elise says:

    Hope to have this too. There are really more to discover. Thanks for the inspiration. millinery

  3. Good bras are so hard to find! Good to know!

  4. Sydney Kelly says:

    Lovely post!! 🙂 I am actually a fashion blogger as well!
    I am a new follower of YOUR blog, and it would mean a lot if you could stop by my blog, and check it out!



  5. I’m glad they are comfy and that they fit really well too.

  6. xStroutx says:

    Awesome! I love good underwear,so I’ll definitely have to check these out!

  7. i could prob use some new underwear!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  8. The lace half slip with garter straps looks like something I’d buy, thanks for the review. I love purchasing undergarments. 🙂

  9. Adrienne says:

    Those are lovely bras, I will check them out for sure!

    What Lola Wants

  10. These are good bras that I have worn for a long time. Barely there bra 4104 seems to put out a good product.

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