Friend Friday: Oh my gosh, shoes

“Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god, Shoes.”
  Lyrics from “Shoes” by Kelly (Liam Sullivan)

 I cannot exude enough how much I absolutely adore, love, fancy, and am crazy about shoes. Scott can attest to this statement. Ever since I was a wee lass I was enamored with them. I loved my pink gellies, my mom’s purple high heels, my grandmothers’ shoes, my aunts’ shoes. I remember sitting in the bottom of their closests when I was younger just looking at their shoes, wishing I was old enough to wear them. I did go through a phase as a teenager, wearing only sneakers. I am happy to say that that phase passed when I dressed for prom, and wore the most (at that time) gorgeous heels ever (they were definitely not as tall as the one’s I wear now, I assure you). Then my adoration for shoes sparked within me again, and has since blossomed, a-hem, rather, exploded into a mushroom cloud of shoe happiness. To say the least, I was over joyed and squeaked with excitement when I read this weeks FBFF questions. Could I go on forever? Yes. Will I? I will try my hardest not to, but I’m not making any promises. 

1.What is your go-to pair of shoes?
I have a few, actually. It varies on the outfit at large, but my main go to’s are my Seychelles Hawk wedges and my Jessica Simpson Collection Dany’s. I feel in general, either of these two pairs of shoes can go with pretty much every outfit. Which is why I own them in multiple colors! Smiley faces all around.

In Black:
In Grey:
In Black:
In Brown/Tan:
In Pearl/Ivory:
2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?
Definitely the price. While I absolutely love shoes, I don’t want to spend mucho dinero on them. My most expensive shoes are my black Seychelles Hawk wedges, because I was impatient, and didn’t want to wait for them to go on sale, so I paid regular price for them. Other than that, all of the shoes I purchase are generally no more than $50 – $80, at the maximum. $100 is pushing it. To spend that much, I’d have to need them for an event, they would be the last pair in my size, they are the most comfortable shoes in the world, and they look amazing. Even then, I can’t guarantee that I’d purchase them. I also look at the quality of the shoe (are they going to last me, or am I going to have to replace them soon?), the material of the shoe, the fit, comfort factor, style-ability, if they will go with anything in my closet, and lastly the brand. I prefer to purchase brands I am familiar with. This way I know how they fit me in general; comfort, durability, all of that good stuff. 

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?
Black. I am just starting to branch out, with the addition of my pearl/ivory dany’s, my blush/nude seychelles, and my red patent steve madden pumps. Otherwise, most of my shoes are black, with a grey, brown/tan, or navy pair here and there.

4. When it comes to designer shoes what are your favorite brands and why?

Currently, my favorite brands are Seychelles, Jessica Simpson Collection, Blowfish, Crocs (I know, but they are amazing for walking & working), Steve Madden, and Nine West. These brands are dependable, durable, generally comfortable, and are well-known for their quality and not super high crazy prices. I’m currently pining after these beauties, the Blanca by Nine West. As soon as these go on sale, oh yeah, they will be mine.

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?
Oh my gosh, I love me some Alexander McQueens. Those are some stunning foot accessories. A few of my favorites are the Black Iris Platform Sandal, the Faithful Boot, and the Tan 3D Flower Wedge. I also love the classic YSL Pump. It’s just so classy and gorgeous.

So there you have it, a smidgen of my love of shoes. I could go on for days. 

What are your go-to shoes? Do you have any favorites? 

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17 Responses to Friend Friday: Oh my gosh, shoes

  1. M.J says:

    Love your wedges!! I think Jessica Simpson has some of the cutest shoes!

  2. Chrissy says:

    Love, love, love the Jessica Simpson heels….gorgeous!!!
    Happy Friday love xxx

  3. i love how you have the same shoes in different colors–so gorgeous!

    and i also love that “shoes, oh my god, shoes” song and video too!

  4. Ahhhh! Of course the Dany’s are on the love list!! haha! Mine too!


  5. I love that song “Shoes”. My boyfriend hates when I play it. Your Dany’s are so cute, and make me want a pair. Except with how clumsy I am I would break my leg in a heel that high.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. Kimberlee says:

    I was excited about this week’s question too! You have a FAB shoe collection 😉

  7. Adrienne says:

    You have superb taste in shoes. I love the JS Dany’s, sigh…..

    My shoe wardrobe this time of year consists of 3 pairs of Yellow Box flip flops. Do I have tons of more stylish shoes in my closet? Sure. Are they more comfortable? No way 🙂

  8. Kara says:

    Yay shoes! “” I sing that song like every time I go shoe shopping, it’s so fun. Jealous of all the danis, and those wedges are really cute. (and crocs saved my life on trips where I’m walking all over town sightseeing. I have the ballet flat ones and not ashamed to say it!)

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  9. Joanne Faith says:

    I loved your comments on shoes, you have a great (&growing) collection by the looks of things!

  10. I’m pining for that Nine West pair too. Nice and summery!

  11. mode. says:

    oh, so so so cute! i can’t pick one pair! i just love shoes. these are great!
    <3 mode.

  12. Lee Oliveira says:

    OH my.. that plaid blazer is fabulous Kristin..
    you rock girl
    Lee x

  13. Oh, you know I get the shoe addiction. I also get the need to buy the same thing in multiple colors! Great minds!

    Those Danys look super on you!

  14. Kristin says:

    OMG, I just want one pair of Danys and you have three…and they look so good on you. Lucky lady!

  15. mimi says:

    OMG the black and gray shoes are simply AMAZING. you make me want to go out and buy a pait! my go to shoes are ALWAYS flats! haha even though i own over 20 pairs of really nice heels. oh well
    mademoiselle mimi

  16. I love Nine West. Great comfort & quality! I’m a cheapass though, and the majority of my shoes are from Target. I love your Jessica Simpson collection! I would like to at least try those on. They look great. And I love that first photo of you — so pretty & happy!

  17. Mode Plus says:

    Closet croc wearer commenting now:D (they do walk so comfortable right?). I’ve seen some Jessica Simpson shoes and I’m impressed with her style. Too bad, it is so high. Love your collection.

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