Friend Friday: Color Wars

This week’s Friend Friday questions are about color in your wardrobe, mixing colors, etc. Up until very recently color was my biggest enemy. I only wore black, brown, or jeans with black and brown. I remember in high school I was a huge fan of color. I wore crazy glitter on my eyelids (usually in bright green, orange, blue, or silver), glitter/water bracelets up to my elbows in every color you can think of, at least 5 different sparkley, colorful necklaces…the list goes on. I actually wore these bracelets (the glitter ones – at least 20 per arm):

Image from
Combined with these:

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For about a year!! When I finally took them off, my arm was so skinny and pale, it was crazy! Anyway, moving on to today’s Friend Friday questions…

Photo of my closet this past January
1. What color dominates your closet?
The “color” that dominates my closet is black, or rather, the absence of color. Followed by grey at a close second. I am working on that, though!! 

2. If money weren’t an issue how would you change the color emphasis
in your closet?

I would definitely purchase more key pieces & some fun accessories in many different colors so I could have a broader base to mix and match with, instead of the same old same old. 

3. What is your mantra about mixing colors?

I don’t really have a mantra, I am just beginning to add color to my outfits. I used to be the girl who wore all black, all the time, simply because that was all I had. I used to work professionally in theater, and was constantly at a call for a load in/out, working a show, building a set, hanging lights, etc so I all I had were crappy jeans, black pants, black shirts, and black sneakers. Talk about basic and icky. I was super colorful in high school (and do I mean super colorful), but that all changed once I entered college and began my major in Theater. Most of my color mixing there was via lighting design. I guess now, as long as the colors work with & compliment each other, I say go with it!

4. For you, how do you incorporate color into your outfits?

I try to pair different pieces together, something that I may not normally wear. I can tell you a few years ago, you would NEVER have caught me in yellow, navy, or pink. Now I’m so in love with those colors! For me, the more vibrant the better. Although, I am taking a liking to the dustier colors (not pastels – something like a mauve, dusty rose, blush, etc. Something that looks antique almost). I am not a fan of pastels. At least, not on me!

5. Which blogger(s) do you think do a good job of incorporating color
into their wardrobe?

I would have to nominate Collette from Statements in Fashion. Talk about a color mixing maven!! She is always combining so many different colors, and the outcome fails to look anything shy of AMAZING. She is definitely one of my color mixing inspirations for my personal growth! (You rock, Collette!!).

Friend Friday is a group that allows fashion and beauty bloggers to get to know each other and to share their thoughts and opinions on different topics. For more information or to join us, please visit ModlyChic. You can read all of my fellow bloggers’ answers as well as Katy’s answers to these questions here.

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15 Responses to Friend Friday: Color Wars

  1. Milly says:

    I have a lot of patterned bright coloured things in my wardrobe… I try and be sophisticated and wear more black, but I find the colour too tempting! So I guess the opposite of you! xxxxxx

  2. Franca says:

    I’m glad you are idscovering volour. I am the same as previous cvommenter Milly – I try to be black and spophisticated, but it’s just not happening!

  3. Awww, you are too sweet hunnie!! Thank you so much for the mention:) I think by slowing adding colorful pieces, you will have a rainbow in your closet before you know it:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Silver Lining Décor Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  4. M.J says:

    Black is such a safe color and working in theatre, I totally understand! I also find myself wearing colors that I would have worn in a million years!


  5. MONKEYFACE says:

    Hey Kirstin, so great to meet you! Ya know I love yellow, navy, and pink 🙂 Glad to hear you’re making your way over to the bold color side!

  6. Samantha says:

    20 on an arm? That’s quite impressive!

    Thanks for the blog comment, I’d love if you followed!


  7. Ashley says:

    At one point, I’m positive I owned every color of those bracelets. And wore them all at once.

    I still have them, reminding me of some terrible fashion days.

  8. Goodness gracious! Your wardrobe is so so neat! About 100 times neater than mine! I always try to organize but end up making a mess out of it again.

  9. yiqin; says:

    the bangles are amazing <3

  10. Katrina says:

    our closets should be friends! Mine is definitely dominated by black ad grey too, followed by navy blue. I’ve been trying to get into more bold colors but I can’t seem to bring myself to get comfortable yet.

  11. Lee Oliveira says:

    For me, colour is everything. You should try to incorporate more into your wardrobe. Of course black is great too.


  12. Lula says:

    Props to you for wearing yellow! Still gathering the necessary courage to wear yellow!

  13. great post 🙂
    im your new follower
    will you follow me back please?

  14. Tashrin says:

    I used to wear those bracelets too when i was little. And honestly I love when you mix colors in your outfit. 🙂

    Keep at it girl and have a wonderful valentines day. 🙂

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin – Style musings of a Bengali girl from Canada

  15. Angela says:

    My closet is exclusively black in winter and bursting with color in spring! I’m a New Yorker for sure….
    Great post keep up the good work!


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