Five Vintage Finds

I’ve been going a little pinterest crazy lately. Being an avid lover of 1960’s and 1970’s style vintage, Etsy is one of my go-to places to feast my eyes on fabulous pieces. I can’t get enough of the textures, prints, and patterns from that time period. I wish my entire house and wardrobe was filled to the brim with it. After spending quite some time perusing Etsy, here are five things that I need/hope/wish to get into my home sometime soon. Take a peak!

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Do you have a favorite time period of decor or clothing? What is it?

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Hi, I'm Kirstin (pronounced - Keer-stin)! Shoe crazed, animal lovin', vintage addict, and I love dressing up. I live in the moment, and thrive on change & challenges. Contributor to Lucky Magazine & The Curvy Fashionista. Stylist | Plus Size Fashion & Style Blogger | Events Coordinator | Lighting Designer.
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8 Responses to Five Vintage Finds

  1. Jennifer says:

    I adore vintage suitcases!
    I got one at a flea market once… I quickly learned they are actually not best for travel. They are so heavy just being empty! lol

    xo Jennifer

    • I have an old, old one that’s really small from when I was a kid. I eventually used it to hold my cassettes (back when cassette tapes were big). I think they are just so cool, and I love the idea of them being a night stand.

  2. M.J says:

    I love that blue rug! It needs to be in my office…like seriously…

  3. The dress print is gorgeous! Yes, of course I love so many time periods regarding fashion mostly 20s and 40s, and 18th and 19th Century as well.

  4. Kara says:

    That couch is cool! I want to have a crazy couch someday- like green velvet or something totally ridiculous.

  5. Evon says:

    I love the back of that dress! Wish you could see the front too, it looks adorable!


  6. The lamp in the first pic is probably my favorite.
    I buy a lot of vintage – I love going to yard sales and second hand stores, you never really know what you’ll find. I don’t focus on a period as such but I do have a lot of 50s and 70s stuff, and I love turn of the century decoration with that art nouveau touch.

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