Fashion Inspirations of 2011

It’s the end of yet another year. Beginning in may & through out the year, each month I’ve posted my fashion inspirations based upon a theme, and a hand full of fellow bloggers who provided me with inspiration. After going back through all of these posts, I’ve compiled a group that really hits the nail on the head in terms of each theme from each post. I’d like to thank all of the bloggers who participated in my fashion inspiration posts, and all of you lovely readers for sticking with me & reading. You are my ultimate inspiration every day!

~May – These photos are like art
In this post, I really felt like I was looking at a piece of artwork rather than a photograph in a fashion or style blog. I adore all of the photos from this post, but my absolutely favorite is by Karin from Wunderlust.

Karin is incredibly talented, genuine, & beautiful, with impeccable style & taste. She currently has her own shop on the ASOS website selling her lovely head dresses. She has an amazing talent for creating photographs that look like art instead of a just a picture.

~June – Patterns & Textures
I was really feeling the mixing of patterns and textures that was coming out during this month. It kind of exploded out into the blogosphere & the fashion industry. I feel that Kirstin from Crimson Rosella has a knack for mixing, as you see here with straw hat with a sheer bow, floral shorts, and a white textured blouse.

Kirstin has this phenomenal way about her. She’s absolutely one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and is so very talented. She’s got big plans in the works right now as she starts her life anew in England in January.

~July – A Vintage Flare
I really dove head first into vintage loving over the summer. It was around the time that I wasn’t finding anything I really enjoyed in the retail stores, and headed to the internet for some inspiration. That’s when Erin’s blog hit a heart string for me, and it sang like a little blue bird.

This girl definitely knows how to wear & style vintage like it’s the palm of her hand. I’ve always had a love of vintage, but was never sure how to wear it. Erin gave me inspiration and ideas that sent my mind reeling.

~August – Bright & Colorful
I wanted nothing but bright colors towards the end of Summer. I love the ending of Summer (it means the end of the brutal heat in Florida), but I was craving the summer heat in the form of color. I wasn’t ready to settle in to the neutrals and rich autumnal colors that make up the majority of my closet. Fabienne smacked me in the face with this brilliant summer color ensemble, and I was blown away.

She wears color like no other. She’s a risk taker, and not afraid to mix super saturated colors with each other, while bringing a bit of texture or print into the mix. This girl broke me out of my anti-color rut and inspired me to explore pairing the bright with the bold.

~September – DIY-ers
Things have been tougher by the day, so nothing spoke to me more than the ability to create something new from something old. Here’s where Kara from Sprinkles in Springs came into play.

I cannot get over some of the DIY’s this girl comes up with. Sometimes I want to pick her brain just to see what will come out. This spiked bag was one of my absolute favorites when I saw it, and roped in the DIY craze for me. Kara is incredibly friendly, insanely creative & talented when it comes to creating something new & exciting from something old. 

~October – Dark Colors
I really fell back in love with the darker hues when October hit. The smell of spiced cider in the air, and the thrill and excitement that Halloween is just around the corner are a two of my favorite things. I wanted to find a new way to wear my dark colors, not just the same old, over done all black. Vahni from Grit and Glamour came to my aid.

With her amazing sense of style, she inspired me to wear black and other dark colors in a whole new way. She always knows how to create a look that will have your jaw dropping to the ground. Add some gorgeous flowing black hair and beautiful gold accessories, and you’ve got yourself what Bella from The Citizen Rosebud calls a “Blogger Rockstar”. I couldn’t agree more.

Fashion Inspiration for 2011 – Girl with Curves
My most proud & memorable moment of this year was when I finally learned to love and accept myself for who I am and what I look like. I learned to really look at how my body wears clothing, and what makes my body look amazing. Tanesha from Girl with Curves really inspires me to dress myself well, and to embrace my curves.

This girl can rock any outfit she wants. She’s confident, bold, curvy, and absolutely gorgeous. She gives me & her readers so much inspiration, it’s incredible. Since I discovered her blog, I am constantly looking to her for style & inspiration. Plus, she’s incredibly sweet and down to earth. She is most definitely my ultimate fashion inspiration for 2011.

Who is your ultimate fashion inspiration for 2011? Why do they inspire you?

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14 Responses to Fashion Inspirations of 2011

  1. Erin’s outfit photo is so whimsical and cute! Thanks for introducing me to Girl With Curves, too!

  2. Mary says:

    What a cute post! I can;t wait to read more soon!

    Happy Holidays!

    Your newest Follower,
    Mary from ♥ ♥

  3. I loved Karin’s photo & it’s beautiful inspiration.

  4. These are all such wonderful styles. I like how you give a shout out to those that inspire you!

  5. Aw, thank you so much, Kirstin! I am beyond flattered by your words and to be included in this list.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, honey!

  6. These are such amazing bloggers — what a great dose of inspiration!

  7. MJ says:

    Girl with Curves is amazing!! She really sold me on jeggings. Kara is a whiz at DIY and that bag is super awesome! Such a great round up of inspiration :)

  8. Kara says:

    Thank you for including me in this! I have to say if you picked at my brain, you’d get some kind of whirlwind diy idea brain vomit thing going on lol. That was graphic haha. There’s so many ideas, so little time.

  9. Sunny & Star says:

    I am an avid reader of several of the blogs you mentioned and I totally love them. I have to go check out the rest now.

  10. Ashley says:

    Fun post! Many bloggers inspire me, but I mostly get inspired by the seasons, as weird as that sounds. I’m already looking forward to spring!

  11. Kirsten, you have put together an awesome list. I’ve learned so much from the bloggers on here. It fascinates me every single day. You can learn something every single day. That’s why I enjoy reading blog posts. I love your blog! May your success continue into the new year girl! :)

  12. Kassi says:

    Love all of the inspirations you’ve posted. All of those ladies are confident and gorgeous!

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