Fashion Inspiration: Patterns & Textures

Today marks the second installment of my fashion inspiration posts. I chose to touch on the mixing of patterns and textures this month. I really feel like summer is about having fun, mixing patterns, trying new textures, just feeling out the waters around you, and trying something new, fun, & exciting.

Aside from having gorgeous photographs, these beautiful ladies below are brilliant at meshing different patterns & textures, and I just feel so inspired by their ability to do so.

26 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration: Patterns & Textures”

  1. Whipping together textures and patterns are some of my favorite things to do when styling outfits. These young ladies are beautiful at doing this job. Wonderful feature.

  2. Great pics and selections! I adore the pattern mixing trend and hope it never leaves! It’s so much more fun when it’s twice the print. Particularly love the shot of By Anika! Great outfit>!

  3. I also love texture and pattern mixing, and when integrating bright colors, is very appropos for summer! That said, I’m not all that great at it, and whenever I try, the patterns end up looking too busy; so I stick to my basic solids. =) These gals you’ve pictured here, though, are very inspirational!

  4. Gorgeous pictures. I always love seeing examples of mixing prints and textures and colors. I’ve never been very good at that, as I was raised to be very matchy-matchy.

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