DIY Tutorial: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Many of you have made numerous comments about my leopard print nails from this post. Bella from the Citizen Rosebud made a fabulous suggestion, and I decided to go with it! So, (drum roll, please): here is my DIY Tutorial on how to apply these awesome nail polish strips to make your nails look like so much fun. 
Note: V from Grit and Glamour asked some very valuable questions that I left off of the video (my mistake!) Here are the answers:

1Do you put a clear coat of polish over the top once you’re done? No, you don’t! Once you are all done with them, that’s it!

2. Do they harm your nail bed at all when you remove them? No they don’t. They are exactly like nail polish, so if you peel it off, it is like peeling off nail polish that was painted on. It actually states on the box that the strips are real nail polish in strip form. I have peeled these off (out of boredom), and they did not remove any layers of my nails (as shellac would).

3. Do they come off with acetone remover? Yes. They come off with any type of nail polish remover. I have used the non-acetone polish remover, and it does remove them. You do have to work at it for a while, but they will come off! (It’s like removing nail polish that you have 3+ coats on, it takes a little bit. It removes in layers, so it looks kinda funky while you are removing them!). 

I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial video! Sorry if the lighting was a bit off, my webcam on my laptop can be a bit finicky at times. Let me know if you have any questions, I am always happy to help!!

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14 Responses to DIY Tutorial: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

  1. I’ve been wondering about these forever…thanks for the tutorial! Have to grab some…dying to try.

    Do you put a clear coat of polish over the top once you’re done? And do they harm your nail bed at all when you remove them? Oh, and one more question: do they come off with acetone remover?



  2. V – Thanks for your questions!! I have amended the post and added them.


  3. Cool! Thanks for putting the answers up so quickly!


  4. Chrissy says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much for this! I have been wanting to try these – will get some asap!
    Have a fab day!
    Hugs xxx

  5. Kristin says:

    I might try to con my sister into doing this for me. HAHA. Thanks for the vid!

  6. Kirsten, what a great tutorial you made! I NEVER would consider trying these on my own, but now that you’ve shown how easy, I think I just might!

    Great post, chica!
    PS thank you for mentioning me, you are such a sweetheart! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  7. Vic says:

    best tutorial ever! i just wanted u to be aware that the button on FTLOB is not showing up. perhaps it was deleted by imageshack or maybe it’s just my computers but if you can upload to a safer site such as photobucket or something and get us that code, we’d appreciate! thanks love

  8. Lula says:

    This is so cool! Too bad I don’t have the nails for it!

  9. I definitely need to do something with my nails…they’re so boring

    <3, New Follower

  10. Della says:

    Hehe, I love it! I’m a rusher by nature too. 🙂

    Hmm, I’m thinking I need to drop by Wal*Mart and grab some nail strips now!

  11. jessica says:

    aak! For some reason I cant see the tutorial!? Anyone know why this would happen?

  12. kileen says:

    wow, thanks for the tutorial!! i’ve been wanting to try these out and it looks super easy.

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  13. Monica says:

    I love these nail effects, I really want to buy them! So cool, I always pass them in the store. Now I am going to get these.

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