Through the Decades – It’s the 80’s

the 80's Through the decades inspired plus size fashion on Kirstin Marie Decade series - through the 80s in plus size fashion on Kirstin Marie


Deb Shops Flare Jeans, Leopard Print Blouse, Lace Trim Cami, Wedges, and Cross Body Bag (in mint) (c/o) | MAC “Rebel” Lipstick | Ettika Circle of Life Bracelet and Midnight Wrapped in Love Bracelet (c/o) | Rocksbox Necklace

This week’s Through the Decades post features a look that was inspired by the 80’s. I didn’t want to do the cheezy, neon, stereotypical 80’s look. I chose to dig deep, and go with animal print and chunky jewelry to create my 80’s inspired look. What I love about the 80’s was the rampant need and desire to be a rebel. The fashion really expressed that intense need. At that time, wearing bold lip colors, animal print, chunky jewelry and more was taking risks. Do you remember the dangly cross earring that men used to wear on one ear?

Ettika Bracelets and Deb Shops bag on Kirstin Marie Modern day 80s inspired plus size fashion on Kirstin Marie Rocksbox necklace and MAC Rebel on Kirstin Marie


Take Madonna for example, her style was so out there compared to any previous decade, she started a ton of trends. I love that we’ve continued to carry bits and pieces from each decade in our ever evolving idea of fashion while we create new and different pieces. Each decade really adds a different feel to what we wear now, and how we, as a society, conceptualize fashion as a whole.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I love that you said that each decade creates and carries trends into the next decade. I just really hope that nothing from 2004 ever comes back in style. That would be a train wreck!

    I positively adore your nod to the 80’s in this outfit. That necklace is mega rad and I could totally see myself donning that same shirt!
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