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3 Responses to CONTACT

  1. Lisa-Marie Ward says:

    Hi Kirstin,

    My name is Lisa-Marie i know this will sound rude but i was wondering you be be able to do a feature about me on your blog please, as this year i have been chosen as one of the finalists to compete in Miss British Beauty Curve Pageant which is a pageant for women size 14+, it will be held at Surrey in June. I am representing Yorkshire Dales

    I have never had much confidence, and i hope from this experience and walking down the catwalk will help me feel beautiful.

    I am sorry if you find this too forward, but if you don’t ask in life, you don’t get
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Lisa-Marie xxx

  2. Rochkirstin says:

    Hi Kirstin! Funny how we have same name. I’m named Kirstin as well but decided to attach “Roch,” my first name for distinction. I bet many people are wronged to spell or pronounce your name as “Kristin.” 😀

  3. Eve says:

    Hi Kristin! I just have to say I love your fashion sense. I’m a big girl myself and for the longest time I would always bury myself in big t-shirts and jeans. Like if it was going to ‘hide’ the fact that I’m fat. I didn’t wear make up because an ex-boyfriend said that I looked the same whether I was wearing some or not. My hair was never styled because I thought “my face is fat, who cares what my hair looks like”. Basically, it all revolved around my weight. After seeing your photos of your cute self with the cute outfits you wear, it really triggered something in me. Why couldn’t I be cute too? Being big doesn’t mean you are doomed to be in a hideous wardrobe. Being big doesn’t mean you have to hide away your face from the world under a mop of messy hair. And being big doesn’t mean you can’t dab on some lip gloss and touch up with mascara because there /will/ be a difference. I’m trying to show a new side of me to the world, and your blog is helping me with that. Thank you so much for inspiring people like me. Please keep doing what you’re doing!

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