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Getting to know LuLu*s

I am super excited to share a fun interview I did with Stephanie from As you know, LuLu*s has been a sponsor of Kirstin Marie for quite a while, and I feel so incredibly lucky to work with such a great company. I always like to get to know companies that I enjoy shopping from. After really getting to know LuLu*s, there’s not another place I want to shop! One of the biggest things Scott & I like to do is benefit local and/or family businesses, and LuLu*s is one of them. Check out the interview below, and enjoy getting to know a little more about!


~Welcome Stephanie! Could you introduce yourself a bit?

Hi! My name is Stephanie Gaito and I am the Blog Relations Manager for! I handle sponsorships and affiliations with all the lovely fashion bloggers such as yourself! I love my job because I have been an avid blog reader for years, gaining inspiration and ideas through other’s outfit posts. Fashion is a true art form that starts in the streets and blogs are the perfect vehicle! I am so glad that they are taken seriously throughout the fashion industry now.

~Tell us a little about How did LuLu*s come to be?
LuLu*s started as a mother-daughter team, in a small local spot here in Chico, California. They quickly grew popularity in town, moved to a bigger location and eventually tried selling online. It was such a hit that they began selling online exclusively several years back.

~Where did the name LuLu*s originate?
LuLu was one of our founders nicknames. It stuck throughout the years!

~I love that LuLu*s sprouted from a mother-daughter team & grew into what it is today. What advice would you give to an aspiring business &/or e-commerce owner who is just starting out?
Throughout all of the changes and growth LuLu*shas remained a family environment that sticks to its beliefs. We work hard and stay true to the original vision which was to provide great customer service and lower prices than our competitors. We believe in providing the best and most personalized service, regardless of how big the company gets. I would recommend always following your vision and always putting your customers/clients first.

~How do you choose all of the fabulous fashion that LuLu*s has to offer?
We have several amazing buyers who literally scour the world for cute and affordable merchandise. We have been lucky enough to partner up with independent designers and fabulous name brands to curate a great selection of fashion forward pieces! Cheap Monday Ombre Jeans

~What is your current favorite item on Why?
My current favorite piece is the Cheap Monday Second Skin Black Ombre High-WaistedSkinny Jeans. I love edgy styles and these will be perfect for the fall with a rad moto jacket and some black ankle boots!

~What makes LuLu*s different & sets it apart from all of the other sites out there?
As I mentioned, LuLu*s takes service very seriously and our customers are our number one priority. We go out of our way to make sure that each customer has a happy experience while shopping with us. We use crowd sourcing to find out exactly what they want and always listen to feedback. We are determined to keep prices affordable by ensuring that the markup is low.

~What or who are a few of your fashion inspirations?
I have been inspired by the 1970’s since I can remember. I love the long hair, beads and boho silhouettes. Early 1970’s glam rock is a huge inspiration as well. I love a dark color palette and although I am the silliest and most upbeat person, wearing black makes me feel the most put together and chic! My current blogger inspirations include Madeline of JeanGreige and Severine of The Clothed Chameleon. I love their edgy and dark looks!

~What current trends are you loving?
Always a fan of the figure flattering high-waist (hello, 1970s!), I am super excited to see lots of these choices available in both shorts and denim. I love print mixing as well. Brocades, stripes, polka dots and more all have a place in my heart. Also, I really enjoyed seeing pops of neon against a neutral color palette and tons of oxblood red for Fall!

Thank you so much, Stephanie!!! Check out my current favorites from for more fun.

pink lemonade popsicle

Outfit Details:
Winter Sherbert Dress – c/o Sugarlips Apparel
Vintage Gold Feather Bodycon Belt – Oasap
Booties – Jessica Simpson Collection

Summer time really makes me think of all of those frozen tasty treats: ice cream cones, popsicles, frozen fruit pops, sherbet…all that good stuff. I feel like a walking frozen treat in this sweet dress. I have to say it is probably one of the comfiest dresses I’ve ever donned. It’s pure perfection for a hot summer afternoon, and a breezy summer evening. I could spend my days spinning around enjoying a frozen home made popsicle, & swinging in a hammock in this dress. My ultimate favorite frozen treat is the home made popsicle. I used to make them as a kid with my mom. I would wait and wait and wait by the freezer until they had frozen just so I could enjoy what we had made. The fact that they can be made from virtually anything is the best part, but my ultimate favorite flavor? Pink lemonade. Yum. 

Calling All 2012 Sponsors!

Can you believe it’s almost 2012?! This year seems like a blur. I know I’ve been thinking through some resolutions for the new year. Do you have any thoughts or ideas for your blog or business? I’d love for you to consider sponsoring Kirstin Marie! The XL ads for January are all booked up currently, but I am offering Large & Medium ads at a reasonable rate. Discounts are available for multiple months, too!

Sponsor Kirstin Marie January

You can see all of the details & perks about being a sponsor here, as well as traffic & statistics, on my Sponsorship Page! I am also offering giveaway options with out being a sponsor as well, so if you are interested, let me know! I’d love to have you!

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October Sponsor Love

Hello lovelies!! I cannot believe how quickly the year is flying by!! It’s that time again, the time where I introduce you to my lovely sponsors for the month of October. I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They are all such wonderful people to work with, and I wouldn’t want to be with out them!! Read on, & enjoy!! 

Hi to the faithful,

First off, we’re thrilled to have partnered with such a fabulous, super-chic blogger and an amazing person as Kirstin Marie. We love how she incorporates vintage into her wardrobe and is truly an eco-friendly, stylish, and savvy shopper. VPV and Kirstin Marie seems like a match made in heaven—vintage heaven!

So who is VPV? VPV stands for Vantage Point Vintage and we strive to be your one stop vintage shop. We specialize in vintage apparel from the 20’s to the 90’s covering virtually every style and era. We have items for all shapes and sizes. We seek to provide you, our beloved customers, with a diverse stock tailored to your own unique fashion needs.
• You could dress the same as everyone else.
• You could buy something that is anything but unique.
• But you don’t… and that’s why “We’re bringing you the finest vintage clothes on the block!”

At Vantage Point Vintage we are two soul mates, a husband and wife team, with a love for vintage fashion. We founded VPV in the beginning of 2008 as a creative outlet to provide our friends across the globe with fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces of sustainable fashion.

A special thanks to our faithful friends and customers! You make our hearts full!

♥ Jenny & Josh


Hello! My name is Amber Rose, and I blog at Laughing With Broken Eyes. I’m terribly bad at rushed introductions, but suffice to say I’m a poet, aspiring jazz singer, and an avid reader. Kirstin is a true gem, no? Anyhow, I’m proud to support her and have her button in my blog as well! Hope you’re all having a terrific autumn. xo blog // twitter // facebook

Hi, I’m Adrienne Rice. I run an online clothing store, Lola-Rocks Clothing, as well as a blog, What Lola Wants. Lola-Rocks Clothing carries pinup, rockabilly, trend, and goth clothing styles for ladies. As a plus size woman, I make sure we also have a nice selection of plus size clothing.
What Lola Wants started as a way to network about Lola-Rocks Clothing, but has become more of a personal fashion/life nuggets sort of blog.
Random tidbits about me:
-In my teenage years/early twenties, I wrote short stories about a punk girl named Lola Vanderkamp. I decided to name my business after her.
-I miss my home state of Florida, and the ocean…..but Autumn in Tennessee is quite beautiful.
- I met my husband Aron on a blind date.
-My favorite color is black. Yes, it is a color :)

Hi there, I am Chrissy from Whimsical Poppysmic the blog and shop! My family and I just recently moved back to Germany after living in the
suburbs of  Chicago for 3 years! You will probably read a lot about that and how hard it is to adjust to life back at home again on my blog, but also about the beauty of Europe and my love for crafts! Come on over and stay for a while, I would love to have you!
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Sponsor Kirstin Marie

I am now accepting sponsors for November & December. I love to promote small businesses, etsy shops, fellow bloggers, and/or larger companies!! If you are interested, please feel free to contact me for rates, traffic statistics, and options. I do offer some discounted rate options, so please feel free to ask me about that!!
Please email me with the subject title “Sponsor Inquiry” to

New Sponsor Highlight: Vantage Point Vintage

I am so excited to announce my newest sponsor, Vantage Point Vintage. Their selections do not disappoint, their prices are really reasonable, and they carry a variety of sizes. Plus, they are based out of Orlando! How fun is that! On top of all this awesomeness, VPV has offered my readers a 10% off discount in their shop. Just use code kirstinmarie at checkout to receive your discount (you can also find this on their ad to the right underneath “Sponsors”). I had the pleasure of getting to know Jenny, one of the two owners & co-founders of VPV. She & her husband run this amazing shop, and they do it so well.

Tell us a little about Vantage Point Vintage. How did Vantage Point Vintage come to be?  We started VPV in 2008 as a hobby in 2008 while working in the non-profit sector. We both enjoyed vintage fashion and wanted to share our passion and amazing vintage finds with others.

What are a few of your fashion &/or vintage inspirations? Audrey Hepburn, Francoise Hardy, Alexa Chung, and Michelle Williams just to name a few.


Do you enjoy searching for vintage pieces for VPV? I do enjoy helping out in the process but to be honest my husband does more of the sourcing for VPV. Surprise, surpise!

What is your favorite vintage item? That’s really so hard to say. I loved so many pieces over the years enjoy them for a season and say goodbye to them. Than find another great one. It’s fun being able to have a revolving wardrobe! Currently I have a 70’s gold necklace that I adore (see the picture below). You can see picture of it paired with this gorgeous 60’s scooter dress which is currently in stock.  I don’t plan on saying goodbye to the necklace for awhile, maybe ever. J

60’s Mod Scooter Dress
If you could choose any era for your style, which would you choose? I really love the 50’s and 60’s. The quality and construction of clothing from this era is much better than modern clothing. Also, the experimentation and idea that fashion is a form of art developed during this period, resulting in a wide variety of looks.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to wear vintage every day? Only wear things you love! Be yourself and wear what makes you feel good. Some days my entire outfit will be vintage and other days I may incorporate in a vintage item or accessory too. Every now and then step outside your comfort zone and try something new. You may love it!

What are some of your current obsessions? Training my new rescue puppy Emma an adorable one year old black lab; watching re-runs of Burn Notice; and vintage, vintage and more vintage. J
If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you absolutely must have? My best friend Josh who happens to be my hubby too. My adorable dog Emma. A good book.
What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream.

Thank you, Jenny!!

Sponsor Kirstin Marie

I am happy to announce that I am accepting sponsor ads for the month of August!! Would you like to promote your blog or shop on my blog? Your sponsorship will include your ad displayed  in the Sponsors section of my sidebar, an exclusive dedicated post to your blog or shop, and the option of a giveaway (if you choose). I have two ad sizes available, for super reasonable prices!!



Limited ad space is available, so please contact me at if you would like to be a sponsor and promote your blog or shop. You can do a one month sponsorship at the rates above, or a 3 month sponsorship (August through October) at a heavily discounted rate. Please email me if you are interested and I can send you my traffic stats. I would so love to have you!!

Send in the hounds…the clothes hounds, that is

I’d love to introduce to you my fabulous new sponsor, Clothes Hound. They have a great collection with a wonderful variety of pieces including apparel, accessories, handbags, jewelry and more. I would definitely recommend checking them out. Readers of my blog will receive a special surprise, mentioned at the end of this post!! 
Here are a few of my favorites:
I love the looseness of this top. You could pair this with virtually anything. I would wear this beauty with skinny jeans, cute booties, vest & statement necklace OR tucked into a floral skirt, and cute heels. 
This cardigan is just so comfy cozy. I would love to wear this and curl up on a window seat on a chilly overcast day. Maybe enjoying a nice hot chocolate. Mmmm, the idea of this whole day just sounds lovely. 
I adore the simplicity of this dress. There is just so much you could do with it, so much you could wear with it, or it could be worn alone and still look divine. Major plus?? It has pockets!!!! 
I can’t get enough of this ring. I love it! It is so much fun, and I love all of the rhinestones and the little black gems for eyes. I am loving owl jewelry lately!!! 
Great bag. I love the feminine slight ruching on the sides, and the chain strap. Super cute.
This is just lovely. I have actually been looking for a bird necklace identical to this one after seeing a good friend of mine sporting one similar last year. I love the simplicity of it.
Orange is one of the colors this spring that is grabbing everyone’s attention – including mine. I was never really a huge fan of orange in the past, but recently, I am really drawn to it. I love this nicely sized bag with such great gold accents, and I love the straps. This bag really screams” I’m fun & funky!”
These are just a few of my favorites from Clothes Hound. They have a great site filled with so much more, and new items added all the time. 
For one month only, readers of my blog will receive a 20% discount on any purchase with the code kirstin20.  
Have fun & enjoy shopping!! :)