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A Kate Spade Love Affair

Spring Favorites - Kate Spade

I have been completely smitten with Kate Spade for the past year, and her collections keep getting better and better. I can think of nothing better than pretty florals, lace, fun bright colors, glitter & sparkles, bows, and polka dots galore. Her latest collection, Garden Party, just recently launched on her website. It’s amazing to say the least. I picked out quite a few of the pieces from this collection above.

Add these beauties to your closet!
~Daisy Franny Coat (Kirstin Marie favorite!)
~Cobble Hill Little Minka (Similar, but still amazing)

Five Vintage Finds

I’ve been going a little pinterest crazy lately. Being an avid lover of 1960’s and 1970’s style vintage, Etsy is one of my go-to places to feast my eyes on fabulous pieces. I can’t get enough of the textures, prints, and patterns from that time period. I wish my entire house and wardrobe was filled to the brim with it. After spending quite some time perusing Etsy, here are five things that I need/hope/wish to get into my home sometime soon. Take a peak!

Want to see more of my favorite vintage finds? Check out my Vintage, Vintage, Vintage pinterest board.

Do you have a favorite time period of decor or clothing? What is it?


Do you have favorites in your closet? Items that you simply cannot stop defaulting to for some strange, unknown reason other than the fact that something about them draws you in like a black hole. I do…and a whole lot of them! Here are just a few of my favorites or go-to pieces:
  • Tights. There, I said it. I have an entire drawer full of tights. Living in South Florida, some may say that sounds ridiculous, right? I feel like I can conquer the world, feminine, & sexy when I wear a pair of tights. It’s kind of awesome, and a great self esteem booster. There is nothing I want more than tights. Except shoes…to wear with the tights, haha.
  • Shoes. Oh, you didn’t know that little ol’ me has a shoe addiction? Well, let me tell you..and let the Mister, who has dwindling closet space thanks to my shoes taking over, tell you…it’s true. A friend of mine said something to me recently that I couldn’t have said better. “Shoes are amazing. They will always fit, always look pretty, and always make you feel good when you put them on.” There you go. Such an enabler, she is.
  • Skirts & Dresses. One of my staple looks is a pretty dress with tights, awesome shoes, and a cardigan. You’d think I would have a closet full of dresses, but I don’t. I wish I did! I have quite a few, don’t get me wrong (thanks to sales, thrifting, ebay and more), but I do have plenty of pants & shirts in there too. Sad I can’t go to work in a dress all the time, but doing theatrical work in a pretty outfit might not be so fun…
  • Cardigans. I need more of these in my closet. In fact, I just scored this adorable white British Vogue scalloped cardigan yesterday at the thrift shop. My problem is, I wear them too often, so they get worn out really quick. I think I just need a whole separate area for cardigans.

I am constantly purging from my closet to make room for more fun & exciting items. This is the first time I have over 10 hangers free and waiting to be used!

What are you favorites or go-to items in your closet?

Etsy Picks of the Week

TheParaders -- SALE 25% off - 60s dress xl - navy blue sailor dress embroidered pattern - Daphne
The Paraders : Navy Blue Sailor Dress

Onehalfwolf - Crochet Afghan Shorts Bohemian Lady - Large
One Half Wolf : Crochet Afghan Shorts

Thrush - 1950s dress - vintage 1950's garden party dress
Thrush: 1950’s Garden Party Dress

Bloomstreetvintage - 1950s 60s Vintage Blue MOD Floral Jersey Day Dress - Large to Extra Large
Bloomstreet Vintage : Vintage Mod Dress

Kellyssima - Things Behind The Sun... ((vintage cabochon pendant necklace))
Kellyssima : Things Behind the Sun Necklace

CABFayre - An Octopus Love Affair Ring - Black Acrylic (C.A.B. Fayre ORIGINAL DESIGN)
C.A.B. Fayre : An Octopus Love Affair Ring

Do you shop on etsy? I’m always looking for new shops with fun treasures. If you have a favorite etsy shop, or you have your own etsy shop, let me know!! I’d love to check it out. 

Make Up Fixes, My New Favorite

I wanted to do a quick little post to share with you this amazing product I found while perusing one of the many Sephora’s in NYC last week. I, like many women out there, have oily skin, and I live in a warm climate. I also find it difficult to keep full face make up on through out the day with out doing touch ups every few hours. To me, this is extremely irritating, which is why up until recently, I had abandoned all use of make up other than eyeliner and mascara. Here’s where this product comes in. I’d like to introduce you to my newest love, and definitely a favorite makeup product of mine, Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Make up Setting Spray

Image Source:

This amazing little mist-er bottle has got some winning product inside. I am not trying to sell this to you, I seriously get so excited every time I use it, especially since I saw results from the first time trying it, I had to share. Basically, it sets your make up once completely so it will last for hours and hours and hours. Since I am just getting back into make up, and I hate reapplying, sweating off my makeup, or accidentally rubbing it off, this was an instant prize winner. For example, I applied my full face (foundation, setting powder, eye primer, eye shadows, fluidline, mascara and brow pencil) on Saint Patricks Day. Then I applied the UD All Nighter spray. I then walked 20 blocks to the parade in cool windy weather, but with so many layers, sweat a little bit (its inevitable). Watched the parade where it began to warm up (got to about 70ish – yay a bit of sweating and occasional touching of the face), for a good 2 – 3 hours. We then walked another 20 – 25 blocks to the pub. Sat inside a heated room, and enjoyed food & drink for  several hours. Then walked another 20 – 30 blocks to Rockefeller Center & Times Square, and then hopped onto the subway, walked another 5 blocks to the hotel. Figure the entire hour span was about give or take 11 – 12 hours. Not a smudge on my make up! Not one time did I reapply, not even after wiping with a napkin while eating, and my face still looked as if I had just put make up on. This was the second time I had used this spray, and I was sold. I am really excited about this product, because it has stood the test, and proven what it claims to do:

This groundbreaking formula mists on, ensuring that your makeup won’t budge for 16 hours. Really. Weightless but powerful, All-Nighter’s temperature control technology keeps your makeup from melting down when it’s warm and humid, or dehydrating when its cold and windy.” -

I purchased the cute little to go bottle at Sephora for $9.00, and it was worth every penny. I am definitely going to purchase the full size bottle, even though it is a bit pricier. It’s definitely worth it, and it works!!

Do you have any amazing make up fixes and favorites that you swear by?

P.S. It’s Scott’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Scott, I love you!