be still my heart

Melie bianco bag, sole society pumpsmelie bianco bag, vintage dressCat eyesVintage dress, lulus bagSole Society PumpsVintage print dress, cat eye sunglasses
Outfit Details:
Vintage Dress – Vintage Mavens
Melie Bianco Bag – c/o LuLus
Marcella suede pumps – Partial gift from Sole Society
Cat Eye Sunglasses – Target
Oh how vintage prints, dresses, and trinkets fill my heart with joy. This dress made my day complete when it arrive during winter break from the lovely Shareen of Vintage Mavens. The colors, the print, the shape, and most of all – that collar!! Oh be still my heart!!

P.S. I’m guest posting today over on The Curvy Fashionista! Stop by, check out my post, and let me know if you enjoyed it!

15 thoughts on “be still my heart”

  1. my heart does a little flip the same way over vintage :) and those CAT EYES, i can’t believe their from target! were they recent? i swear to god i’ll sprint there if they are haha

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