Femfessionals Jacksonville Launch!


Femfessionals Jacksonville Launch Event on Kirstin Marie


Thamarr and I are hosting our Femfessionals Jacksonville Launch Event! Get ready for something new, Jacksonville! This Saturday, please join us while we launch Femfessionals Jacksonville at the Lemon Bar in Neptune Beach for some tasty treats, delish lemonade and more. Event is open to all women in business or women involved in business here in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area. The event is FREE, but registration is required before hand. You must be 21+ as well to attend.

Be sure to register for this great event ASAP! We’ve got fabulous swag bags that we will be handing out as well.

Femfessionals Logo on Kirstin Marie

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Summer time #IntelTablets

#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

Acer Iconia Tab 8 on Kirstin Marie #inteltablets #tabletcrew Intel tablets

Acer Iconia Tab 8 (c/o Intel)

Summer for me is a very busy time. While most everyone else is resting, relaxing and vacationing, I am working like a crazy person! Thanks to my Acer Iconia Tab 8 tablet (thanks to Intel Tablets ), I’m able to keep up with my business and my blog. I love having such a great, portable, sturdy tablet. It isn’t a heavy tablet, which is a major plus, and it fits nicely into my bag. I’ve been using my tablet to keep up with my favorite blogs, answer emails, peruse my favorite online shops, and help to keep my business on track. This Summer has been smooth sailing for me because of my tablet, so I’m so very thankful for that!!

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Gwynnie Bee

Plus size fashion from Gwynnie Bee on Kirstin Marie Plus size bangles on Kirstin Marie Gwynnie Bee plus size dress on Kirstin Marie

Coral and Black Daisy Flocked Peter Pan Collar Skater Dress (c/o Gwynnie Bee) | Deb Shops Shoes, Crossbody Bag, and Bangles (c/o) | Onecklace Initial Ring (c/o) | Sunglass Hut Vogue Cat Eye Sunglasses

I love trying out different clothing without having to purchase it. Take this adorable dress – I would always swoon over something like this in stores, but am always wishy washy when it comes to physically purchasing it. That’s why I love Gwynnie Bee. I fill up my closet with their killer selection of all of the brands I love, as well as some brands I haven’t tried out yet, and wait for my selections to arrive at my door. I haven’t really been into going to stores to shop lately, which is sad because I was always a fan of brick and mortar shops. I’ve fallen into the convenience and ease of online shopping, which is yet another reason why Gwynnie Bee is one of my faves. It works with my ever changing work schedule, and doesn’t need extra work from me, nor is it time consuming to go through and pick items for my closet. I don’t have to worry about shipping either, because Gwynnie Bee makes sure to send your picks to you via free shipping, AND they include return shipping packaging. If you’d like to join me in enjoying the ease and convenience of Gwynnie Bee, sign up for the package of your choice – the first 30 days are free!


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Water Color

Stylzoo water color plus size dress on Kirstin Marie Stylzoo plus size striped dress bohemian chic on Kirstin Marie Deb Shops Plus size Bracelets on Kirstin Marie

Stylzoo Water Color Maxi Dress (c/o) | Deb Shops Headband, Necklace, Bracelets, and Sandals (c/o) | Eloquii Gold Belt (old)

I love bohemian style, and I felt going for a boho chic vibe was the best way to style this dress. I do wish the bust area of the dress was better tailored to large busts (like myself), but overall I do think this is a very pretty dress. I love how the colors all blur together like that of a water color painting. Water color was always a medium that I enjoyed when I was younger. It can be really difficult to work with, but once you get the hang of it, it’s one of the best. I used water color when I created set renderings in drafting class in college. I loved it on card stock, and I love it on clothing.

On a different note, I wanted to introduce to you our newest addition to our little family! Meet Jewel!!

Randall and Jewel


Randall and Jewel

Scott and I recently adopted this little baby girl. She had been fostering at my work, and I couldn’t resist her little face! She’s got such a fun personality, and she is exactly what Randall needed. We’ve got so much love in our little family, and Jewel fits in perfectly!

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Stripes are my besties

Plus size fashion black and white striped dress, stripes are my besties on Kirstin Marie Deb Shops plus size black and white dress with leopard print d'orsay flats on Kirstin Marie Deb Shops Crossbody Bag on Kirstin Marie Shop Lately Leopard Print D'Orsay flats on Kirstin Marie Deb Shops Black and White Striped Dress on Kirstin Marie

Deb Shops Black and White Dress (sold out – gift) | Deb Shops Daisy Necklaces, White Stone Bracelet, and Blue Bag (c/o) | Shop Lately Leopard Print D’Orsay Flats (c/o) | Onecklace “K” Initial Ring (c/o) | Sunglass Hut Vogue Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you know that I am completely smitten with stripes – especially black and white ones. I literally have at least 5+ dresses in my closet that are black and white striped. I adore the stripes on this skirt. I love how they are thick stripes. Very similar to one of my ultimate favorite Kate Spade dresses (you may remember my post). My good friend Thamarr was the sweetest and gifted me this dress about a month ago. You have no idea how absolutely excited I was, you know, because stripes are my besties.  I wanted this dress to take the spotlight, so I choose simple accessories to accent it. I love print mixing, so my leopard print d’orsay flats were perfect (and comfy!). I went with gold accessories that played well off of each other like these stacked daisy necklaces, white stone bracelet, and of course, my “K” initial ring.

I’ve always wanted an initial ring. Not a chintzy one, but a nice, classic one I could wear on a day to day basis. The lovely people over at Onecklace have a wide selection of different engraved jewelry (I have an initial necklace too!), and I choose this beautiful ring because it really speaks for itself. I love that Onecklace is now on Etsy, which makes it much easier to browse and even favorite your wish list items. If you are an Esty lover, like me, then you have got to shop the Onecklace Etsy shop. Onecklace has given me a coupon code just for you! Use code GIFT1 for 10% off of your Onecklace Etsy Shop purchase!! 


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DogVacay.com #MiniVacay

*Disclosure: I was compensated by DogVacay.com for this post. This post does contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Kirstin Marie #MiniVacay from DogVacay.com on Kirstin Marie

I have been incredibly busy this Summer. With work becoming incredibly busy, I haven’t had time to spend with my family – which includes my pup, Randall. Thanks to DogVacay, I was able to spend a wonderful date day with my husband while Randall got to go hang out and play with a marvelous host and make new puppy friends.

DogVacay is a website and app that connects you with great pet sitters in your area so you don’t have to leave your furbabies alone while you are away or out for a few hours. You can search for pet sitters nearby, read reviews, book stays and pay online. The “hosts” (pet sitters) watch your pup in their own home and treat him like a member of the family. (You can find dog sitters with or without their own pets, depending on what you and your pets are comfortable with). To top it all off, all DogVacay reservations include free pet insurance, 24/7 customer support and daily photo “pup”dates so you can enjoy your time away knowing your pets are in great hands. 

This day was exactly what all of us needed. Randall needed a day to go out and meet new dog friends, and take a break from the new puppy we just adopted (more on her later!). Here are a few pictures from Randall’s #MiniVacay:

Randall's #MiniVacay from DogVacay.com on Kirstin Marie

Randall on his #MiniVacay from DogVacay.com on Kirstin Marie

Scott and I took a much needed break from life and spent the day enjoying ourselves at the Jacksonville Zoo. It was super hot outside, but it was an amazing day! We had been wanting to visit the Jacksonville Zoo since we relocated up here just over a year ago. Despite the extreme heat and the abundance of sleepy animals, we were not disappointed!

Jacksonville Zoo Photos on Kirstin Marie

Want to take your own #MiniVacay?? DogVacay has provided my readers with a fabulous coupon code!! Head over to DogVacay and use coupon code KIRSTINMARIE for $10 off your first reservation!!


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Put together

Deb Shops plus size lace dress and Olivia Taylor Bag on Kirstin Marie Olivia Taylor Navy Blue Tote Bag on Kirstin Marie Olivia Taylor Bag and Deb Shops plus size lace dress put together plus size look on Kirstin Marie Deb Shops Wedges on Kirstin Marie Plus size fashion lace dress and blue bag on Kirstin Marie

Deb Shops Plus Size Lace High Low Dress with Ruched Sleeves, Flower Necklace and Wedges (c/o) | Olivia Taylor Navy Blue Tote Bag (c/o) | MAC “Rebel” Lipstick

There is something ladylike about lace dresses and an updo. It feels like and looks like such a classic look to me. This outfit, to me, makes me feel like a lady who brunches. I love the nice bright addition of color this gorgeous Olivia Taylor Navy Blue Tote Bag gives this ladylike look. It really ties the entire look together, and gives the outfit a nice put together finish. I love feeling put together. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. You feel like you can take on anything and conquer everything. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – the best self confidence boost is the one you can give yourself by feeling put together, and by dressing the way you love. When you are put together, there’s something that just clicks inside your head that suddenly makes you hold your head up higher, and makes you feel proud and ready to take on the day. You know you look good, which in turn makes you feel great, and that’s what matters most. Getting that put together feeling is really easy when you’ve got the perfect key accessories to your outfit. A great bag, a pretty necklace (or bracelet), and a well fitting pair of shoes are essential when it comes to picking and choosing which accessories you want to pull your finished look together.


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Redbubble Tote Bag

Red Bubble Lou, the Whale Tote on Kirstin Marie

“lou, the whale” Large Tote Bag (c/o Redbubble)

Redbubble Tote Bag Banner on Kirstin Marie

I love a really good tote bag. Being able to basically throw anything and everything into my bag is a major plus for me. Tote bags seem to be my favorite bags to carry lately, as I’ve been carrying around a lot more than usual. I fell in love with this adorable tote bag from Redbubble. “Lou, the Whale” is such a cute design. I love his little face! The school of fish around him just really take the cake. This tote is really well constructed. It’s made of a heavy duty but oh so soft 100% spun Polyester Poplin fabric. The handles are good, sturdy, super strong cotton shoulder straps, which makes this tote really easy and comfortable to carry. The only down side, for me anyways, is the fact that there are no pockets inside the tote. I like to have at least one pocket, especially for items like my cell phone (just so it’s easy to find in a quick fix). Other than the lack of pockets, this tote is an awesome find, especially for the price tag. It comes in three different sizes – Small, Medium, and Large. I got the large one (pictured above), and it’s only $25.97! Redbubble has a great assortment of totes, so if you have been searching for a great, versatile, useful tote bag, I suggest checking out Redbubble!



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IGIGI Bohemian Rhapsody Collection Fall 2014

IGIGI Bohemian Rhapsody Collection Fall 2014 Kaia Halter Maxi Dress in Crimson Tribal plus size fashion  on Kirstin Marie Plus Size Fashion IGIGI Kaia Halter Maxi Dress in Crimson Tribal on Kirstin Marie IGIGI Bohemian Rhapsody Collection Dress on Kirstin Marie IGIGI Kaia Halter Maxi Dress in Crimson Tribal on Kirstin Marie Plus size fashion bohemian IGIGI on Kirstin Marie

IGIGI Kaia Halter Plus Size Maxi Dress in Crimson Tribal (c/o) | Deb Shops Wedge Sandals (c/o) | Accessory Fanatic Bag (c/o) | MAC “Rebel” Lipstick | Deb Shops Gold Bangles, Tribal Hammered Necklace and Midi Rings (c/o)

I have always loved bohemian styles. The patterns, textures, shapes, cuts, and fabric of boho chic just resonates with me. When I discovered the IGIGI Bohemian Rhapsody Collection for Fall 2014 I was head over heels. The collection is filled to the brim with gorgeous prints, vibrant colors, stunning fabrics, and amazing variety and versatility. The dress I am wearing, the Kaia Halter Maxi Dress, is the perfect example of the flawlessness of the collection. If the color pallette of the dress I’m wearing isn’t for you, don’t worry! The Kaia Halter Maxi Dress is available in two additional colors: Cobalt Cachemire and Fuschia Red. The dress is made of such lovely fabric. It’s soft to the touch, and very comfortable to wear. The area on the chest plate has an adjustable draw string, so it can be worn to one’s liking, as is the waist band (though there is some elastic in there to maintain shape). The dress fits and flatters so well. It’s more of an empire style, but done well (no worries of looking pregnant or over emphasis of the tummy with this gorgeous dress!). My favorite part about this dress is the fact that it just floats and glides over the body, making it a dream to wear. It doesn’t divulge where each lump and bump is, nor does it create too much bulk trying to conceal them. It’s absolutely perfect, and now one of my favorite dresses in my ever growing collection. IGIGI really hit the nail on the head with this design, and it’s a stunning addition to their Bohemian Rhapsody Collection.

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Hooray for Cupcakes!

Hooray for Cupcakes Iphone 5s Case Caseable on Kirstin Marie

“Hooray for Cupcakes” Iphone 5s Case (c/o caseable) – Also available for Samsung Galaxy S4

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? This sweet cupcake iPhone case has become my iPhone’s new ootd, so to speak. I very quickly fell in love with Joy St Claire’s designs on caseable’s website. The thing that I love about her collection is her style of photography, which is clearly evident in all of her designs. I would describe it as vintage ethereal, which is incredibly appealing to me. A few of my favorites from her design collection are the Flower Cone, Retro Radio, and the Garden Party cases.

My awesome cupcake iPhone case (or outfit, as I’d like to say) is really well made. The photography is printed seamlessly onto the case, and wraps all the way around so there’s no missed areas, no seams. The case easily snaps onto my phone, making install a breeze. It’s incredibly durable, which is important for me because I tend to be a bit of a klutz when it comes to my phone. I love the fact that it is hand-crafted in Brooklyn out of recycled plastic bottles. Thanks to caseable, my iPhone 5s is looking sleek and stylish while rocking out in an environmentally friendly case. Are you in the market for a new case for your phone, or anything else for that matter? Be sure to check out all of caseable’s designs or use the create your own design feature!

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